Short Bible Study Series 

There are many books, booklets or on-line Bible study resources available, which can be used for a lunchtime group study. The range is vast - from studies on books of the Bible, on characters, or on particular themes. While Bible study can sometimes serve the group well for periods, the group should not attempt to be teaching Bible principles that should be taught in church discipleship programmes. The focus of the Bible study in workplace group should always be to build people up for their role in the workplace. 

It is advisable for the Bible study to be short, snappy and to the point. Leaders should avoid the temptation to preach at length on issues - many people will not react well to this in what is normally a break time between periods of work.

Take care in ensuring that the topics you pick for discussion are not likely to offend some members of the group or be misinterpreted by other colleagues in the organisation. Be sensitive to other people's belief systems and perceptions of the CWG. If you are in doubt, consult with senior managers of HR.