Inspirational Talks 

ObamaOne of the most powerful and uplifting things in the life of a group can be to receive a short inspirational talk or message from a member to whom God has given a clear word for the group. Whether the group is able to benefit from this type of ministry will depend, to some extent, on whether it has within its membership people gifted in delivering such messages. This ministry is definitely not solely the preserve of the 'preachers' in the group and all members should be encouraged to be open to being used by God in this way. Often messages like this are prophetic in nature. Remember though to be sensitive to the fact that some members of the group may not be used to this type of ministry and you will need to ensure that there is sufficient preparation and support to make best use of these types of meetings.

Leading this type of ministry requires flexibility and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. True 'now' words from God cannot be planned, and space should be made even at short notice to accommodate members who operate in this area to bring such messages even if not planned in advance. They would normally not be more than 10 minutes in length, and should always be firmly Bible-based.

The group should aim to be led by God in all that it is doing. Making space for people, acknowledged to operate in this ministry, to bring the word of God, is key to the group growing in obedience to God's calling on them in their particular workplace.