eNewsletter 11th July 2017
What a Vision!
Jeff and Trevor handover 14 JuWe believe we have an amazing God-given vision! That is no less than the transformation of the UK workplace, such that God’s kingdom reigns in every office, factory and organisation across the country. We believe this is best advanced by the presence of Christian Workplace Groups in every workplace. We help to bring this about through a team of networkers or ‘ambassadors’ who link individuals into CWGs and help CWG leaders develop groups on the right basis – prayerful, supportive of and engaging with their organisation.
Phew! Quite a heady set of statements! At this time of change, as Trevor takes over as chair of TWUK from Jeff Steady (see picture and read more here), we are looking again at our vision, and in particular at our ultimate purpose. We would love to know what thoughts the above produces in your minds. Do let us know! Every person’s perspective counts, and if you are receiving this eNews, then you are part of the vision!
The eNewsletters are intended to inform you of what is going on at the workplace, let you know of the benefits that CWGs are bringing, and let you know what we are doing. We hope they encourage you, inspire you to pray for CWGs and for TWUK, and to support us further.  Please consider how you can support us – our ‘workplace missionaries’ need you behind them as they work very much on the frontline.

Further items for you this month (click on the pictures to reach the articles):
RoseWe start this week's articles with one written by Jeff last year, entitled 'We are here for you', where Jeff looks at the exciting vision TWUK has.  firefighter-18519451280In the next article in Adrian Miles' series 'CWGs: Following in Jesus' Footsteps', Adrian looks at Jesus' teaching on handling pressure, and applies this to the CWG context.
Hands and jigsaw pieceMal and Marion from Gloucestershire brought together a number of people interested in forming CWGs in the Gloucestershire area. This is their story of putting that Saturday event together. Is this something you could do where you live? RamesesEver asked the question: what can CWGs do? A group in central London arranged a visit to the British Museum and were enormously inspired in their faith by seeing some of the Bible-related artefacts there.
WaterWhat can happen when faith groups work with company management? Thames Water are establishing 'faith rooms' around the company - for all faiths. They recognise the business advantages of letting people fully express who they are at the workplace. GlobeTo promote discussion of faith issues in the company, the CWG at the Royal Bank of Scotland set up a panel discussion with representatives of 5 faiths. It turned out to be a wonderful event.  
Next TWUK Workshops
ManWarwickshire CWG Leaders Networking Event - 12th September 2017
A networking event and workshop for those interested in developing a Christian Workplace group in the Warwickshire area.
Cardiff logoCardiff CWG Leaders Networking Meeting - 19th September 2017
Come and join CWG leaders and those interested in starting groups from across South Wales as Ros speaks about starting a CWG and brings stories from her travels across the UK.
Be blessed as you work!

The TWUK Team


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