eNewsletter 2nd May 2017
Encouragement in Action

What is TWUK about? Helping Christians at work form vibrant Christian Workplace Groups which are a positive influence for God in their workplaces. How do we do that? One of the ways is by holding regional workshops, where one of our ambassadors invites those leading, or thinking of starting up, a CWG to come along to share experiences, and receive some guidance on how to build a successful group. These workshops are the most effective way for us to reach the largest number of people, and feedback suggests they are a huge encouragement. Below you can see that we have a number of these workshops in the pipeline for the summer - in fact the next is this Saturday, in Gloucestershire. Why not come along if you live nearby? Alternatively, would you like us to run a workshop in your area?
Reaching Out at Easter
Sefton eggs themselves We get to hear an amazing number of encouraging stories of activities undertaken by groups at Easter. The CWG at Sefton Council reached out by placing mini Easter eggs at various locations around the council offices. It's so important to have an outward focus for your CWG - there's so much that you can do to be a witness for God at the workplace. Read more about what the Sefton group have been doing, including their Alpha course, here.
It's Never too Early to Plan Christmas!
Carols leaflet 17 The CWG at Bedford Council have gone through difficult times with members moving on as councils have merged and downsized, but those who remain are rejoicing in God's goodness, and are seeing the group growing and God intervening. They have already made plans for the Christmas carol event, and sent out invitations to council leaders. Read more here.
Christian Workplace Groups: Following in Jesus' Footsteps - Clear Leadership
smiley-10417961280 A CWG needs good leadership, and there's no better example to follow than that shown by Jesus. Continuing our series on starting and developing an effective CWG, Adrian looks at some of Jesus' principles of leadership as they apply to Christian groups. He takes the Lord's example of gently sharing vision, supporting others, talking through differences, and encouraging others to step out, while always being there to help where necessary. Read more here.
Next TWUK Workshops
CotswoldsGloucestershire Workshop - 6th May 2017
If you are in the Gloucester area, and are in leadership in a CWG or would like to start one, then come along to this event to meet others from local groups, and pick up some tips to make your group thrive.
derbyDerby Networking Event - 18th May 2017
If you live or work near Derby, come along to our second networking workshop there to meet other CWG leaders and hear how to develop an effective CWG.

smiley-4325631280Reading Networking Event - 4th July 2017
Our Reading ambassador Dave Law will be holding another networking event for any who are interested in starting or growing a CWG in the Reading area.
ManWarwickshire CWG Leaders Networking Event - 12th September 2017
A networking event and workshop for those interested in developing a Christian Workplace group in the Warwickshire area.
Cardiff logoCardiff CWG Leaders Networking Meeting - 19th September 2017
Come and join CWG leaders and those interested in starting groups from across South Wales as Ros speaks about starting a CWG and brings stories from her travels across the UK.
Be blessed in your work!


Trevor Payne
The Transform Work UK Team

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