Too Early to Talk Christmas? 

Ian Bedford
Apparently not, for at least the Christian Workplace Group that our Lead Ambassador met in March. The venue, date and times for Christmas events are all booked into the council calendars and more than this, invitations have already gone out to senior managers and the town mayor asking if they can take part.

The picture is of Ian, the publicity coordinator for the Bedford Borough Council Network (BBCN).

What is fascinating though is that behind this ambitious event planning, there is a wonderful story of how God’s grace has been at work in this small but dedicated group. BBCN has undergone quite a few changes since we first met them 10 years ago, in particular, with two authorities becoming one, resulting in many redundancies. However, it was wonderful to finally meet and support the group in March.

During this time of change and upheaval, this Christian Workplace Group lost its key leadership and went through quite a low ebb. BUT they remain a determined faithful few who haven't given up, who feel the call of the Lord on their lives and know that something more is going to happen. It was really encouraging to hear of how the group has prospered as the Lord had provided strong new personalities to take up the leadership reins.

"And the surviving remnant of the house of Judah shall again take root downward and bear fruit upward." (2 Kings 19:30)

When asked why they are still meeting, they said for ‘encouragement.’

‘It's been a challenging time but our group at the moment is an oasis for us to meet and pray for each other and for the challenges taking place within the council. We are keen now to step up and out again. It is good to know and feel the support from Transform Work UK that has spurred us on with your visit."

The Lord has sustained this group and with them we choose to believe their BEST is yet to come. Although BBCN is small in numbers, they are thinking big and are not just meeting as an inward looking gathering, but are seeking ways to have a positive impact upon the organisation. So even at this early stage in the year, let’s join our prayers together for the success of their ‘Carols in the Council Chamber’.

Perhaps your Christian Workplace Group is going through a low. Instead of feeling isolated and unsure of your next move, get on the email and drop your Lead Ambassador a quick line or give Transform Work UK a call. We are 'here for you' as you are there for your organisation.