Speak Up! 

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Theresa May’s comment last November that ‘Christians should not be afraid of speaking "freely" about their faith at work and in public places’, should go some way to quelling the fear that the workplace is somehow ‘anti-Christian’.  The Prime Minister went on to endorse the report ‘Speak Up’ published by the Evangelical Alliance and The Lawyers Christian Fellowship which stated that many employers ‘will have "little problem" with Christians discussing their faith at work "in the same way you might talk about sport, hobbies and family life".’ They stress however, that Christians ‘should look for "opportunities" to "spread the gospel" as long as they do so in a "respectful" manner and do not "brow-beat" colleagues.’
The report makes interesting reading and can be downloaded from here
At Transform Work UK, we believe that the best way to ‘speak out’ is for Christians to get together with other believers to form a Christian Workplace Group (CWG). Through the activities of the CWG, Christians can live out Christian principles in ways which help the organisation to be the best it can be, providing support to all staff, particularly during times of stress.
As you will have read in our Chairman’s letter, the number of CWGs that we are in contact with is growing, and we believe will be a catalyst in transforming the workplace throughout the nation.
If you don’t belong to a CWG then take a look through our database to see if there is one where you work.  If there isn’t, why not start one?  TWUK can help you through the various steps in creating and getting a CWG recognised as a staff network. 
Finally, will you partner with us towards our goal of 1,000 CWGs?  You can find out more by visiting www.transformworkuk.org/partner.
Whatever route you take, let’s make 2017 a year where God’s people ‘speak out’ in ways that touch the hearts of all those in the workplace.