Christmas Activities at a Christian Workplace Group

Just after Christmas we were in contact with Paul, who heads up a Christian Workplace Group at a large organisation near Heathrow Airport.  He gave us the following report concerning their Christmas Carol service:

The Lord blessed us with a gathering of people who were willing to walk about half a mile on a quite damp day from the airline HQ office complex, to the parish church in Harmondsworth.  At least twenty of those who attended do not normally come to the Christian Fellowship and they heard the gospel through the readings and a message “Jesus, Light of the World”.  It was also attended by members of the local church who always make us very welcome and who positively look forward to our next visit. By God’s grace we had four services there this year – to mark Easter, Pentecost, Harvest Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

While none of the services have had more than fifty attendees over the past year, we can still see that the Lord is at work.  Two Fridays ago the small Christian Fellowship based at our engineering base put on a Christmas celebration in one of the function rooms.  Remarkably, around one hundred people came along to share food and hear the Word of God. We started just after 12 noon and people were still coming in at 2pm.

A Christian manager opened the event and gave a message; I had a ten minute slot to share the Word based on the story of Zechariah, Elizabeth, the visit of Mary and the birth of John the Baptist; a young evangelist called Daniel from Bedford shared a remarkable testimony; the main speaker with a healing ministry did likewise. These talks were interspersed with two beautiful solo songs; the Christian group leader also read from the Word and spoke a message.   As people kept coming, we asked our two main speakers to give a second message, which they did.

Although people were coming in to listen for perhaps for ten, twenty, thirty minutes or longer, they were guaranteed to have heard the gospel in one form or other as well as having been fed.

We are convinced that this event was a great success but only because it was soaked in prayer by the Engineering Base Christian group that resulted in it being given so much favour. We need to remember that in everything that we do in the coming months and years.