eNewsletter 8th November 2016
Growing the Presence

It's so good to have this regular newsletter to tell you about the positive things that are happening regarding Christianity at the workplace! We pray that the presence of God will increase in workplaces across the country!

The Transform Work UK conference in October was successful beyond our wildest dreams! So many came together to hear our vision and to hear CWG leaders share their stories of what is happening in their groups.

This month, we provide a few starter ideas of what your group could do as an event in your workplace this Christmas. We also highlight what 2 groups have been doing to increase their accessibility - amending their meeting routine and using notice boards to promote their activities.

We also give information on the next TWUK workshops around the country. These workshops are a key part of our mission to grown vibrant CWGs across the country. They have proved invaluable in imparting the vision of thriving groups transforming workplaces for God. In the small workshop setting we are able to really communicate the vision and give practical help to people inspired to start CWGs. Do come along if there is one near you - or ask us to run one!
What an Amazing Conference!
Conference2 The annual conference on 22nd October at Emmanuel Centre was truly blessed by God! With worship, prayer, networking, TWUK and guest speakers, and two panels with CWG leaders answering questions from their own experiences it was a really valuable day for all who were there. The video and slide presentations are available for download on our conference report page here.
Christmas is Coming!
Christmas Christmas is on its way and it's well time to be planning what your group is going to do to mark the festive time! Christmas is a unique time of the year where CWGs can put on an event which will often be gladly supported by management, which not only celebrates Christmas, but brings the organisation together, allows the CWG to promote itself and brings opportunities for many good conversations on the Christian faith. Here are a few ideas of what you could do!
Does your Christian Workplace Group need a Change in Focus?
Time for change How can your Christian Workplace Group respond to changes in working patterns? Often these can lead to numbers at regular meetings falling. Is there a way to get round this? Many still want to connect in some way but find it very difficult to commit to a regular weekly meeting at the same time each week. In this month’s lead article we look at how one CWG changed their meeting format and blossomed as a result.
Diversity Notice Boards
CN Notice Board Do you make use of diversity notice boards in your organisation? We hear from one group who asked for permission to use notice boards under the Diversity and Inclusion agenda to advertise their meetings and place other helpful information. As they were formally recognised and already engaged in the D&I agenda, their request was accepted and now they, and other staff network groups, have striking displays on notice boards around the different sites of the organisation. Read more here.
Next TWUK Workshops
derbyDerby Networking Event - 8th November
Last May leaders of CWGs from Derby and Nottinghamshire came together to discuss and pray about how to grow effective workplace groups. A range of organisations were represented from engineering firms to water boards and hospitals. This is a follow-on meeting, but have no fear if you missed the first - all are welcome!
tussilago-farfara-3017041280Peterborough Area CWG Leaders Networking Event - 8th December
If you lead or would like to start a CWG and live or work in the Peterborough area then this workshop is for you!
london-15679031280London Area Networking Event - 29th November
A networking event for groups supported by lead ambassador Elizabeth Ukiomogbe in and around London. It will be a meeting to come together to share triumphs and challenges and to share good practice.
leaves-432325640Warwickshire CWG Leaders Event - 24th January 2017
Come and join CWG leaders and those interested in starting CWGs at our second workshop to be held in Rugby.

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