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Diversity Noticeboards - Are You Using Yours?

CN Notice Board
One of the “objectives” of the E.ON Christian Network, as with any emerging group, has been how best to reach out to our colleagues within the business to make them more aware of the Christian Network. We also aim to engage colleagues and provide information and resources to assist them, wherever they are on their journey of faith.

In the workplace these options are often limited, but to complement a weekly newsletter email, and an intranet presence, setting up noticeboards at our key sites was the obvious next step. Working with HR and being part of, and involved in, the Diversity and Inclusion agenda within E.ON made this easier. With a few emails to the right people we soon had dedicated prominent space within two of the E.ON sites. These not only give the Christian Network a regular visual presence, they also gives other groups within the workplace the same opportunity.

It’s a great platform to let people know about upcoming fellowship gatherings, updates on recent events and general information about Christianity as well as a “thought for the week” article. We also use it to make people aware that there are people within the business they can approach for prayer. It’s still early days for the noticeboards. However, in a business world that judges success on KPIs and things that are tangible and measurable, it’s interesting to think of all the people that will encounter Jesus in their day to day lives just by having the Christian Network noticeboards displayed for all to see. Who knows what fruit that will bear somewhere down the line?