eNewsletter 13th July 2016
Humble Witnesses

That is what we are! Humble witnesses for Him in every workplace across the land. Not relying on our own strength or words but relying on His limitless power to use our every word and action for His glorious purposes.
Release of our New Booklet on Starting a CWG
Starting a CWG Booklets on Tab Our new booklet, called 'Setting up a Christian Workplace Group’, that builds on our experience of working with over 400 groups in the UK, is now available. It gives helpful tips on what to consider when starting a CWG, and takes you through a path from an initial meeting with other Christians, to running a group which meets regularly and is accepted and formally recognised by the organisation. You can download or order a copy here.
Starting a CWG - How Can CWG Leaders Learn from Others?
people-woman-coffee-meeting Sometimes CWG leaders can feel isolated. Although there are a few exceptions, there is usually only one CWG in the organisation. Because of the very specific context, aims and objectives of a CWG, support from local churches can be varied. All in all, it may feel like there is no-one to turn to, to encourage and support you in managing and developing a growing CWG. Read more here.
Latest News from the Groups
Newpaper-man-hands-reading-boy Visit our Latest News page, where you can read about:
TWUK Events
CPG gathering Jan 15 Take a look at the events that TWUK are running this summer. To highlight a few, there's:
  • the CWG leaders' networking event in Cardiff on 19th July
  • a networking event in Rugby on the revised date one Tuesday in August
  • the London CWG networking event on 30th September,
  • TWUK's celebration AGM on 22nd October.
Be blessed as you work!


Trevor Payne
The Transform Work UK Team

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