How do I start a Christian Workplace Group?


First Steps

If your organisation doesn’t have a Christian Workplace Group, then starting one couldn’t be easier.

Choose a time to regularly start meeting either on your own, or preferably with Christian colleagues. If you are not able to meet together use Zoom, MS Teams or set up a WhatsApp group to form connections.

Pray for the firm establishment of a Christian Workplace Group.



In time, once a regular weekly rhythm is established and numbers grow, you will want to consider;

  • Communications (e.g. email updates, WhatsApp group),
  • Purpose of meetings (e.g. prayer, bible study, discussing faith and workplace topics),
  • Access to resources (e.g. support of local churches, use of office space for future meetings),
  • Outreach (e.g. offering prayer to colleagues, workplace food bank, Christmas and Easter events) and
  • Formally registering with your organisation (e.g. via Equality, Diversity and Inclusion programmes).
Starting A Christian Workplace Group booklet


Contact us for personal support and one of our trained ambassadors in your allocated area will get back to you.

Take a look at our Starting A Christian Workplace Group booklet.

If you would like to receive a hard copy of the above booklet, please fill out our contact us form.