eNewsletter 10th May 2016
Starting Off!

Transform Work UK exists to help Christians at the workplace start and grow thriving Christian Workplace Groups (CWGs) which are a positive, Godly influence on their organisations. We've had many conversations recently with Christians who are doing just that. We're able to come alongside, give pointers and encourage. It's exciting and valuable work!

Just last week someone e-mailed: "You are affectionately remembered for your encouragement and support – it's kept me going through the dark times – it's exciting that the Holy Spirit works through us – people like you and me!  Yes [I] will pray for [a nearby company whose CWG needs support]... God may be working still there. Like me a few years ago – dark, lonely times when I was just a rock crying in the wilderness, but I still grew here. You helped keep me going."
How to Grow a Christian Workplace Group
Meetings Over the next few months in the eNews we want to feature some articles on starting and growing a successful CWG, and how to develop it to the point of gaining formal recognition for the group. This month we begin with the question: "I'd like to start a CWG but I don't know any other Christians, what do I do?" It’s surprising just how many Christians there are in the workplace! Quite often we feel like Elijah and think that we are the only one, so how can you make contact with others? In our article on growing a new CWG this month we’ll outline what you can do and the steps that it takes to get a CWG going.
Group Feature: Christian Police Association
Don and Lee We also want to feature individual CWGs and CPSGs (Christians Professional and Sector Groups) in the eNews. This month we include a short feature on the Christian Police Association (CPA), marking their change of leadership. Did you know that CPA held a national prayer day for the police service last week? We must pray in support of our police service. Could you encourage your church to pray for the police? Pray also for the work of CPA, an active organisation with many branches across the country.

Next TWUK Event - Monday 13th June
StewardshipOur next meeting for Christian Professional and Sector Group leaders, at the offices of Stewardship Services in London. Our guest speaker is Andrew Evans, who will be talking about fundraising. Andrew has extensive experience over many years of helping a number of Christian organisations raise funds for their work.
Be blessed as you work!


Trevor Payne

The Transform Work UK Team