eNewsletter 9th March 2016

It’s been a privilege to hear of a number of workplace activities planned for this Easter in your workplaces.  We will be praying for you as you step out, that many of your colleagues would put their faith in Jesus as a result.  Do send us feedback on your stories.
photographer-801221280Taking a long look!
In our feature article this month, Jeff Steady takes a ‘long look’ at the work of Transform Work UK. The past year has seen tremendous growth in the the number of groups we are in touch with that are active in the workplace. He reviews the resources needed to take us into the future and asks whether you could “catch the fire and catch the vision?”  Read more ….

So, what does Transform Work UK do?
This was a question asked of us at a recent Christian Workplace steering group. They wanted to know, in a nutshell, what our vision, strategy and goals were for the workplace. You can read our response here ….

Christian Professional & Sector Groups in Action
Christians in Pharmacy are a group that encourages and supports Christians working and training in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences. They recently, met in London to discuss ways in which people within the profession can be an effective witness where they work. The session was led by Chik Kaw Tan, leader of the group, with Michael Coveney from Transform Work UK being the main speaker. Read more …

Did you know?
Transform Work has a new website. After many months of planning, designing and reconverting pages from the old site, the new site went live at the end of February. As well as a new fresh look and feel, the new site is responsive, in that pages are automatically reconfigured to display the content in the most appropriate way to the device you are using. Take a look for yourself ...

What's on:
Join our next zoom call for those working in Councils across the UK.
Join our next zoom call for those working in Councils across the UK.
A networking event for those working in the Bristol area who would like to meet with other working Christians.

That’s it for now.
Have a great Easter – He IS Risen!


Michael Coveney
The Transform Work UK Team