Transform Work UK – Targeting Thousands of CWGs Across the Nations 


1         Taking a Long Look

Artists and photographers among us will readily recognise that a good long look – a stare even – at the subject in prospect can reveal subtleties in the scene, or even obvious but overlooked features that will cause you to change position or re-focus.

This principle applies with the Cross of Jesus. A glance as you know is sufficient for a thorough-going life-change. But a good long look at the Cross this Easter will likely cause you to change your life position or at least refocus. The principle applies well to our personal circumstances we may face. And it applies equally to the progress of Transform Work UK with its almost 400 workplace groups of various kinds. So let’s take a longer look.
Speaking to a group of church leaders in the North West recently, I explained our vision: that structured Christian Workplace groups interacting with management can bring significant release of the influence of the Kingdom of God for the ‘good of the city in which they dwell’. We considered the possible implications of 400+ groups and ongoing growth. One church leader in the group immediately retorted: it can go nationwide. And he’s right, isn’t he!

2       Transform Work UK – Shaping Up

Any growing church or organisation reaching 400 members knows that critical dynamics must change. No longer can everyone know everyone. Communications must be more formalised. Structures, roles and responsibilities must be clarified. More leaders and support team members will be needed. Different skills will be required. New venues will likely be essential to provide capacity for the future. New finance streams and funding levels must be found. For stewardship reasons, key workers must be adequately rewarded, and new projects and missions ventured. Many more partners and friends will be essential. And more grace will be required!

Transform Work UK finds itself in just such a situation. We have been stunned by the extent and rate of growth we are experiencing. A degree of change is therefore in process or in prospect. We reach out to all our readers whatever your situation: if you resonate with our vision of countless Christian Workplace Groups in secular organisations across the nations, then take a longer look, a stare, at who we are and where we are going. The changes in view may inevitably seem irksome to some. But they open up huge and welcome possibilities for others with availability and skills.

3       Transform Work UK – Gearing Up

Transform Work UK has for the reasons outlined above, introduced improving communications, more structured roles and responsibilities, clear vision and future strategies. New steering groups have been created for Christian Workplace Groups and for Christian Professional and Sector Groups. Additional Ambassadors have been appointed. A new Board member has been nominated representing London communities. Key meetings are relocated to the capital. New models are being tried.

We are now seeking fresh skills and resources: further Board members and Ambassadors, and key players in the areas of prayer and prophecy, IT, administration, fundraising, communications, social media, and events and meetings facilitation. We can use your skills if you can offer a half day a week or more and, to recognise the investment we will put into you, provided you have a view to working with us for a year or more, there may be some financial reward in selected instances, subject to funds.

4       Transform Work UK – Embracing Partners

We have long recognised that we cannot achieve our goals alone. We need many partners. A new Transform Work UK partner initiative planned for the medium term will seek numbers of individual, church, or other partners who will catch the fire, carry the vision and contribute financially. We plan to actively invite all our friends to become partners. We will be exploring ways of attracting and honouring all our partners. Can you help plan and launch this huge initiative? Each target of numbers of partners we reach will release new initiatives and strategies for investing in our existing groups and gaining groups in new secular environments. Notably, good numbers of regular small givers with hearts aligned to our passion could transform our ability to continue to grow both the numbers and the effectiveness of Christian Workplace Groups. Don’t wait for the launch. Sign up now if you wish.

5       Transform Work UK – Friendly Fundraising

A renewed fundraising strategy focused on approaching friendly funding organisations is being prepared. Can you or someone you know offer a half a day a week, working mostly at home, to help with our fundraising? We have highly skilled support resources and training ready and waiting for you. You need to be able to write well, be comfortable on the phone, and be IT literate and that’s about it. No previous experience necessary.

6       Transform Work UK – New Horizons

To the best of our knowledge, Transform Work UK is unique in focusing on the creation and development of Christian Workplace Groups across the nations. At the same time, we acknowledge and honour closely related ministries such as Chaplains and the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity and others with whom we are pleased to interact.

With their help, we now shift gear. From 400 Christian Workplace Groups largely in UK, we see thousands across the nations.
Have a good look at who we are and what we are doing. We can’t achieve our outrageous goals without a huge release from our Lord, and I may also say, without you.

Call me on 07940 842685 or Trevor on 07713 458358. We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully
Jeff Steady
Chair, Transform Work UK

Fran Turner (Guest) 10/03/2016 10:45
I was inspired by "the long look at the cross" and after reading and reflecting on this message I wanted to add how imperative it is that churches across our nation are informed of this work. I know in my church there are many workers who struggle in their workplace, who sometimes have to hide their faith in order to "fit in" and worry about "advancement with integrity".
Let's reclaim the workplace for God!
Mal Shaw (Guest) 10/03/2016 12:33
Absolutely agree Fran. Let's turn the volume up, and petition God for revival starting in the workplace