Who's Who in Transform Work UK

Support Team

The TWUK Support Team consists of a number of volunteers who serve in support roles. These include our team of prayer warriors, and also those who undertake admin, finance and website support tasks. 

See also the TWUK Board of Trustees and the Ambassador Team.
Adrian Adrian Miles (full bio here)  Adrian is also a member of the TWUK Management Board. He has written 3 publications for TWUK: 'Starting a CWG', 'A Christian Approach to Managing Stress' and 'Revive and Rejuvenate'. Adrian delivers seminars and also conducts training on how CWGs can function effectively within a company's diversity structures. Adrian looks after HR issues for TWUK.
Trevor sq Trevor Payne - full bio here
Sheila sq Sheila Thornton  Sheila lives in Islington, London. She worked for 10 years for Community Service Volunteers, connecting volunteers with opportunities across London, during which she undertook a wide range of administrative functions. Sheila has a heart for prayer, intercession and the prophetic. She has experienced periods of poor health over the years, but is thankful to God for many miraculous healings He has done in her life.
Sheila is a member of our prayer team and also helps with the website.
Irene Montgomery Irene Montgomery  Irene lives in Belfast where she works part-time as a radiographer and as a co-ordinator for Healthcare Christian Fellowship in Ireland. Working in a small department gives her insight and understanding of the stresses and strains Health Professionals face daily, which, for her highlights the vital importance  and need for the support of Christian values and fellowship within the workplace.
Irene compiles the monthly prayer letter and is one of our prayer warriors
Jayne sq Jayne Payne  Jayne (main bio here) is also a Trustee of TWUK and a member of the Managment Board.
Jayne does finance, compliance and administration work for TWUK.