Join the Team!

We are currently looking for people to join our team, to help us in serving in the many wonderful areas that God is opening up for workplace ministry! We are looking for people to help in the following areas:
Our Ambassadors are crucial to the ministry of Transform Work UK.  The role involves working as part of a team in helping Christians form CWGs where they work as well as contacting and encouraging leaders of existing CWGs within a particular area.  This role is conducted on a voluntary basis although consideration may be given on any expenses incurred. To find out more, contact stating your interest in being an Ambassador.
Fund Raising  
Transform Work UK is funded entirely through personal donations. We are looking to expand our work and that requires us to find new sources of finance. To help with this we require someone who can work as part of a team in researching and sending out applications for grants, as well as help us with our various partnering initiatives. The ideal candidate will have good written and oral communication skills. To find out more, contact us at stating your interest in being part of the Fund Raising team.