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If you would like to add your group to our database, please fill in as much of the form below as you wish. We will get back to you before we publish your entry. 

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Are you happy for the name, telephone number and e-mail address address of the point of contact to be made public on our website? Please indicate if you are content for only one or two of these to be visible. If not, we can display TWUK contact information so people can contact you through us.

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Answers to the remaining questions will not appear on the website entry, they are designed to tell us a little more about your group so we can judge how best to support you.

Please tell us a little about the group - how long have you been going, what do you do at your meetings, do you do anything outside your regular meetings (eg have you done a workplace Alpha, carol service, etc), are you established as a formal staff network group? 

How many Christians are you in contact with at your workplace?

How many usually attend your meetings?

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