eNewsletter 12th January 2016

New Year! New Opportunities!

Happy New Year to you all!  But what do we mean by ‘happy’ new year in the context of the workplace? Surely it must be that we are living our lives to their full potential in the workplace to which we have been called by God. If we are not in the workplace, then it is surely about praying and supporting those who are.

We at TWUK pray regularly for all Christians at the workplace. We ask for blessing upon you, that you will become light in every work situation, that you will have an impact on others around you and on your organisation, even in a small way, and that you will yourselves be a blessing with the fragrance of Jesus. Remember, you only have to breathe to be light, but you can do so much more!


We link to one article this month – Jeff’s recent blog on the outworking of the Christian Workplace group model across the globe. How wonderful it would be to see many more CWGs planted in workplaces across the UK this year – and also overseas!
What can you do for God in your workplace this year? We are here to support you!
Be blessed as you work!


Trevor Payne
The Transform Work UK Team