Supporting Firefighters at Christmas 

The following is from Simon and Robert, leaders of Firefighters for Christ, in response to our question as to how the public could 'bless' fire fighters at Christmas time:

The Fire Service is on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year, so whilst families are tucking in to their turkey, opening presents and having fun, there are those who will be at work protecting the public. Pray that those who know the Lord Jesus Christ will be able to witness to the rest of the crew.

Timing is everything, dropping into your local Station (if a retained Station, on their drill night) with mince pies or box of sweets will always be well received. It's a good way to develop relationships in the community for local churches.

I was asked once: 'was Easter a special occasion and would I be celebrating the time in a special way?' People do think about these times of the year, but we need to grasp the significance and the importance of these occasions, in that Christianity is not just for a couple of days a year, but it affects us all, every day we live.