Something to Give Away at Christmas 

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The Wiltshire Council Christian Workplace Group have an idea which is a fitting addition to a Christmas event being organised by their council.

The Wiltshire Council staff carol service is held in the atrium in County Hall Trowbridge and is also open to the public. This service is conducted by the Chaplaincy leader.  Members of the Rural School of Music accompany the choir and the Wiltshire Council Choir perform as well. 

The Christian Workplace Group this year will be giving out silk bags containing a tea light along with a message. This year's message is 'Jesus the Light of the World'. What a vitally important message to get out there at Christmas time - that the world needs Jesus!

The group have 100 of these gifts to give out to staff and members of the public and are really praying that the message will touch at least one person this Christmas time.