MigrantsA CWG Organises a Collection of Aid for Refugees

Could your CWG do something to help the refugees at Calais, or even more widely those coming into Europe? Here's a message from Hannah, TWUK's ambassador in London, who leads the PwC Christian Network, encouraging other CWGs to join them in providing clothes parcels for the refugees at Calais. 

"The plight of the refugees cannot have escaped your notice. I've felt really helpless and not known what to do. However, this morning I found out about a clothes collection that is taking place on 20th Sep. We've decided to support it at PwC and so the Christian Network has organised a clothes drop for the next two weeks across the London offices.

I wondered if any of you might be able to get involved with this as well in your offices?

If you're interested here's a list of what to do:

  • Identify drop off points around your office 
  • Produce comms around it (I've attached here for download a poster adapted from the one we're using in PwC). I've also got people in the network to email their teams about it and we're going to hand out flyers next week. It's also going in the firm-wide email that goes out on Fridays.
  • On 18th collect everything that's been donated
  • Take it to the drop off on 20th.

The clothes drop is being organised by a group of individuals who wanted to do something. I had a look at charities like Oxfam, British Red Cross etc to see if they are doing anything but I couldn't find anything this practical. There were just a couple of calls for money.

The group of volunteers who are organising this is called CalAid (www.calaid.co.uk)

Apart from being a good thing to do in general, I've also found that today has helped to unite the network and has given everyone a practical focus. It's been a good day."

Watch the Calaid website for details of further clothes drops and at locations around the country.

NB TWUK does not necessarily support any political aims of organisations such as Calaid.