Speaker Events

Inviting a guest Christian speaker is a relatively easy way to put on a special event to which invitations can be extended widely. This is often more appealing to newcomers if the topic is related to the work of the organisation. It can be used to reach Christians who are not part of, or do not normally attend your group. It can also be used as a away of informing people in the organisation about the Christian faith.

The speaker should be chosen carefully. It might be someone from the group, from the organisation or from outside the organisation. He/she should have a reputation for being a good speaker, be familiar with the kind of audience that is expected, and be engaging to listen to. It is usually helpful for the speaker to answer questions at the end of the talk. 

The steps that need to be taken when holding a speaker event include:

  • Pray about the event before you begin
  • Agree on a speaker to invite, and a date
  • Agree the topic the speaker will cover
  • Book a venue
  • Arrange as much advertising as possible (intranet, posters, word of mouth, social media, TWUK website)
  • Have a chairperson appointed for the meeting
  • Arrange access for the speaker
  • Escort the speaker during the time he/she is with the group
  • Arrange follow-up

It is good practice to keep a record of attendees.  This allows you to pursue any questions people may have, and for you to link new people into your group. It can be done simply by having a feedback sheet or card handed out when people arrive, or placed on every chair. The feedback forms usually ask people to give comments on the talk, and to say if they would like to talk further about any issue that was raised. You can ask if they have any questions about Christianity, or if they would like to join your CWG. If you ask for an e-mail address, you can let them know of future events the group is putting on.

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