Council Christian Workplace Group Meets with New Mayor 

Mayors Chain
Members of a Christian Workplace Group in a large council recently had an opportunity to meet with their new mayor!

In the weeks prior to the meeting, prophecies had been given on 2 separate occasions that members of the group would be seen standing alongside the mayor! At a staff meeting, one member of the group introduced himself to the mayor, mentioned that the council had a Christian Workplace Group, and suggested that some of the group arrange an office call to introduce themselves and explain what the group does. 

Six members of the group met with the mayor. They explained the aims of the group, that they were to support the council, to pray for its work, to work diligently and be a source of information on Christianity throughout the council. They offered to pray with the major during the meeting, and he accepted. The group left him with a Bible and 2 plaques with Christian inscriptions, and assured him that the group were there to pray for him, and colleagues, as the need arose.

The major expressed himself 'very humbled' by the visit. It turns out that he does have Christian heritage in his family background.

What an opportunity - and how God blessed the occasion! It might seem a massive thing sometimes to offer to pray for the head of an organisation, but here is another example of how that offer was genuinely appreciated and valued.