Gym'Prayer Gym' in Haringey Council 

We all need to practice our praying habit and practice praying regularly!  The Christian Workplace Group in the London Borough of Harinegy have recently started a 'Prayer Gym' which helps its members do exactly that!     

On the first and third Mondays of the month, the group meets at the 'Prayer Gym' to exercise and flex their spiritual muscles for an hour, in the evening from 5 - 6 pm.

Various topics are used for prayer - the 'Word for Today' devotional prayer points, issues in the news, pressing local or group needs or more general prayer needs.

All they do for an hour is PRAY!

What an inspiration! Prayer is not boring - it's dynamic, exciting and it CHANGES THINGS!  It's so uplifting to be talking to God in prayer!

Let's all follow the Haringey Christian Workplace Group example and head off to the 'Prayer Gym' regularly!


Let's follow Haringey Council Christian Workplace Groups example in heading to the 'Prayer Gym' to tone up our spiritual muscles regularly!
Below are 28 prayer points that you might like to use. Feel free to pick the ones relevant to your organisation...
The CWG in Chelmsford City Council work with Prayer 24/7 in holding a day of prayer for the town of Chelmsford
It is important to positively engage with your employer when organising these prayer sessions. This short guide explains why and how we should explain to the management at our workplaces what we are doing and alternatives if this is not approved.
Did you know that the most googled question by Christians today is ‘how do I hear God?’.
The following are thought for the day sections to help participants focus on their workplace, based on the same themes as the Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Journal 2023. Find other Christ followers at work and pray together for your workplaces.
Thy Kingdom Come is a great way to engage with all your work colleagues to come and pray if they choose to do so. We would encourage you to see this as an opportunity to start an ongoing prayer group that will last far beyond these 11 days of prayer.
Join leaders of Christian Professional and Sector Groups as they lead us with knowledge and understanding to pray 'Thy Kingdom Come'. Check our the dates and times using this timetable with Zoom registration links
In this article, you will learn about an opportunity to experience Christian Meditation in your workplace.
Our brother Raffaele from Transform Work Italy shares about life with the Coronavirus. Lets keep praying.
Have a read of Thy Kingdom Comes annual report, Transform Work is featured on page 16.
In the last 31 years as a paramedic I've never seen colleagues scared before...
Wondering how to pray effectively for yourself, your colleagues and your organisation...
Why not use these points when you next meet together as a Christian Workplace Group. Lee also suggests to read and meditate on the following Psalm