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Glory Road - Keith's Testimony

Although I founded a ministry for truck drivers in 2002, I wasn't a truck driver and had no connection to the transport industry, in fact I contracted polio as a four year old and my career had taken a very different course into publishing, but after retirement I met Mel, a Christian truck driver. 

Mel and I went to the same church in Gloucester and one day he mentioned he was with a small group of Christian drivers called Christians In Road Transport. He also mentioned that they had a newsletter but were having problems producing it and he knew of my career in graphics and publishing and asked if I could help?

Of course I agreed straight away – as you do to a friend in need – especially a Christian friend!

While producing the newsletter I went to all the meetings. While there, the whole world of the truck driver was opened up before me and I realised this was a huge harvest field - constantly on the move, never able to go to regular church meetings and needing the Faith to help them through the great pressures of the job which were not only traffic, schedules, customers and the truck itself – but the strains on marriage, children and relationships.

After about three years of producing the newsletter, ministry activity became less, with members dropping out and meetings becoming less frequent. Although this relieved me of what was becoming a very difficult job getting enough input to fill the newsletter – the reality of knowing there now was no organised Christian outreach to an industry with over 500,000 drivers saddened me greatly.
I started to pray that the Lord would raise up someone to take on this task of getting the Gospel to these drivers and continued to pray that the Lord would give me a big ministry.  In hindsight it would seem quite obvious what the answer was, but in all honesty I couldn't see a connection at the time.

I prayed for many months about the vital need for this ministry for truck drivers – this vast mobile harvest field totally unknown to the 'church' and mostly invisible to the general public as we only see the trucks and vans, especially when they get in our way on the motorway and town centre, and we never think of the driver.

I finally accepted that I was the vision bearer and, however unlikely and crazy it seemed, the Lord told me to start the ministry and after a few months of prayer and 'debating' with the Lord about who was the right person, I accepted.

Through my experience in publishing and marketing I started getting all these ideas of how to raise funds, but the Lord said no! It was His ministry and He would supply all our needs. Well – He has supplied all our needs over the past 12 years, we have never asked for finance but He has, through His people gifted us finance, vehicles and everything we need to keep a ministry 'on the road'.

So we give all Praise to the Lord for His help and guidance.