ChildrenWessex Water CWG - Parenting Children Course 

It is always great to hear of the exciting things workplace groups are up to, and this account from Wessex Water CWG is no exception. Hugh Webber, our south-west ambassador, spoke with Matt Wheeldon, who helps lead the group, about a recent initiative.

Wessex Water CWG ran a parenting children course on site during the lunch hour. It is a course written by Holy Trinity Brompton and was delivered by a member of their local church. The course contains the usual things you might expect in a parenting course but specifically advice on building strong foundations, love in action, setting boundaries and building character. The course is designed to be suitable for both those with and without faith, and contains some input with a Christian bias in the final week.

Matt says that the turn-out was around 15 people with a 50/50 mix of faith and non-faith attendees, and that it has been well received by those attending. This is an excellent example of a local church supporting the work of a local business-based CWG.

If you want know more about the HTB course, then use this link.