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HMPO Xmas Factor office phtoSing Praise at Work! 

A group leader in the Home Office Christian Network looks back at the year 2014.
What a year this has been for the Home Office Christian Network! Throughout 2014 we can truly say Emmanuel, our God, has been with us through good and bad. We remain confident that He who is faithful will do the same in 2015.

What did 2014 mean to me? Well, the highlight for me started in October when I felt led to resurrect our Christmas Carol Event in December. I had a break last year in 2013 as I was at a low ebb. Now I needed to somehow stimulate interest, as it is not always easy when you are a lone pilot light trying to ignite a flame. A still small voice spoke saying: ‘Get a choir together’. I thought ‘Why not?’ and sent out an office e-mail inviting anyone who was interested.

Come the day of the first rehearsal I was busy at my job when the front desk security guard phones: ‘Rupert, can you come downstairs, there is a choir forming here.’ My instant reaction was: ‘Praise the Lord!’ and ‘Thank you, Lord!' (for answered prayer).
Through our Diversity Forum, word soon got out about a new choir. We were invited to sing at the Diversity Fusion Event at the end of October with little time to practice and under instructions that there were to be no Christmas Carols! I did sneak in Jingle Bell Rock as there is not a single carol in the song! In November, the choir performed again at work for Children In Need along the theme of Heroes.

Finally on Thursday December 11th our Christmas event, called the ‘Xmas Factor’, was held. It was well supported, although I was hoping for a larger turn-out, but maybe business needs and Christmas preparations were a slight distraction. People kept asking me: ’How many people are in the choir?’ If everyone who was on the list attended then it would be well over 20. My sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to all who participated in one way or another. This has certainly laid foundations for future events.

Being 60 was something I was dreading if I am honest, but in reality I have never had so much fun! God is good. He provides opportunities and openings for us, if we are prepared to step out in faith. His timing is always perfect even if the result is not always what we would expect. It is so good to be a part of His Blessing upon others.  God’s love reaches those parts which others cannot reach; His Light shines upon us, in us and through us that we may become beacons of hope and rescue to a dark lost world - His Ambassadors!

As for 2015, may we strengthen the bonds of fellowship that already exist between us and develop new links. May our roots rest secure in Him who is able to protect, inspire and motivate to reach out so that we may blossom, flourish and bear fruit for His Kingdom. We have an exciting yet demanding year ahead of us. May we not lose sight of the strength of fellowship and build upon what He has already begun among us.

Rupert Bobrowicz
HOCN 30/12/2014