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Rejuvenating a Struggling Christian Workplace Group 

Revive and Rejuvenate front co

Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Never rely on what you think you know. Remember the Lord in everything you do, and he will show you the right way (Proverbs 3:5-6)

It’s great to see more and more Christian Workplace Groups being established in all sorts of organisations right across the country. At Transform Work UK we have witnessed some wonderful stories of how Christian Workplace Groups have taken root and grown in a whole range of diverse workplaces. Wonderful things are happening and members of these groups are invariably filled with enthusiasm and joy as the Holy Spirit leads them forward into exciting opportunities and possibilities.

There is, however, another side to this story. On occasions when Transform Work UK has been making contact with Christian Workplace Groups, we have found that some have been experiencing difficulties, with numbers of members falling and activity in the workplace decreasing. A few groups have even ceased to exist. There are a wide range of reasons contributing to these difficulties. Sometimes it’s a question of key leaders having left, with no-one to take over or perhaps changing working practices in the organisation, for example the introduction of more home working, which has made meeting as a group more difficult. Sometimes the group just seems to have run out of steam.

Starting a Group is a challenge, but keeping it running is sometimes even more difficult and it’s important that members, and those who lead the group, are able to effectively tackle the ‘lows’ as well as enjoying the ‘highs’.

In response to some Group leaders seeking help to revitalise their groups and to rekindle that initial enthusiasm of setting up a workplace group, Transform Work UK has produced a booklet entitled ‘Revive and Rejuvenate’. This publication is designed to be of assistance in helping Christian Workplace Groups through those difficult times and to assist them to realign, rejuvenate and refresh their activities in the workplace.

Revive and Rejuvenate’ is an 11 page booklet which provides practical advice for Christian Workplace Groups on how they might be refreshed and revitalised. It considers:
  • How to take stock and test the current ‘health’ of the workplace group.
  • Key factors to consider in re-energising the group’s leaders, members and its activities.
  • How to take practical steps to help the group move forward, including an action planning framework.
The booklet is ideal for both leaders and members of Christian Workplace Groups who perhaps feel that their group needs new energy and direction. It is also a useful tool for all groups to check and assess their current development and effectiveness.

Download your copy here

  Revive and Rejuvenate front co

This is a low quality compared with the printed version but is suitable for reading on electronic devices.  To request a printed copy please order via our contact us form.

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