Supporting Us

TWUK is passionate about transforming the workplace for God. However, we need additional funding to keep the ministry running.  At present almost all of our workers are volunteers, although we need finances to support our Lead Ambassadors (who currently work 3 days a week between them but who we would love to work full-time), with essential administrative assistance and travel costs.

We are eager to grow the organisation so that we can reach and help even more Christians by either linking them into existing groups or helping them to join with others to form new groups. In each case we encourage groups to engage with management constructively and to work with them to change the culture of the organisation. This is just one, but a very exciting, aspect of bringing God back to the daily life of this country!

To maintain our activities at the current level we are looking for a regular funding stream. Expanding the work will require more staff, some of whom will need to be paid part-time, and greater expenditure on publicity and other support costs.

Please help us however you can.  Click the links below to see how you can help.
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Ideas for Fund Raising How to Donate TWUK Leaflet